Meanest mom of the year award.

Right here.

I accept the meanest mom of the year award.

I was on Disney Channel’s website a few months ago with Emma. Somehow I clicked my way to Walt Disney World’s website. Did you know you can sign up to get a free DVD in the mail about planning a trip to Disney World? You can. You can get a free DVD about planning a trip to Disney World.

It arrived in my mail box a few days later.

I asked Emma if she wanted to watch it. Of course she did. She wanted to see the princesses.

Disney sure does know how to pump up a child for Disney World.

Emma was in complete awe. The castle. The little girls hugging Cinderella. The rides. The music. The parades.

“Will you take me to see Cinderella’s castle? Can I meet her?”


Her face looked so cute.

I told her we would go when Kate gets a little bigger. She looked at Kate, pulled her arms to stretch her, and said, “Hurry up and grow, Kate!”

I told Scott what I did. I felt terrible. Why did I show her that DVD? Why did I order it? We don’t have immediate plans for Disney World. We’ve never talked about it other than “we should take Emma there one day”. Scott said he was thinking about taking a vacation sometime after Kate turns one. He said Disney World would be a good place to take the girls, thank God.

I would also like to thank the academy for giving the honor of the meanest mom ever.