A bug’s life.

I want you to meet someone.

This is June Elaine.


They call her June Bug after, well, ahem – her aunt Julie Bug. Hey, maybe she’ll start Baby Bug Bytes one day. June shares her middle name, Elaine, with her other aunt, Jessica.

And there’s Evelyn. She’s a big sister at two years old.

While June stole the show on April 2nd, visitors still snuck a glance at Evelyn. She was easy to spot. Her blonde head of curls could be found hiding in the closet or inside the bathroom, laughing and pulling the emergency cord for a nurse.

Becoming a big sister brings its own attention. But Evelyn’s attention is a little different. Although unspoken, her milestones are magnified since her accident. Evelyn is always watched with a silent awe.

Our friends and families lives were stopped a year and half ago. We prayed for Evelyn to live after she suffered a head injury causing bleeding on the brain. (You can read about it here.) Her pediatric neurosurgeon called her the miracle baby. Her heart stopped on the surgery table. A nurse performed CPR while the surgeon kept trying to relieve the pressure off her brain. She survived.

Today, you would never know she has a scar stretching across the top of her head. A conversation with her shows no signs of brain injury. In fact, she will remember you said you would paint her nails blue on Easter. And she knows her manners. She remembers to tell her mom, “I tell Julie Bug thank you so much for blue nail polish.”

June Elaine will never know a life without Evelyn watching over her. June will always be the little sister, the second born. She’ll be the one stealing Evelyn’s clothes, shadowing Evelyn and her friends and she will have an edge in the curfew department with her parents. Oh, will she have an edge – 4 am curfew when I had to be home by 10 pm. Jesus.

June and Evelyn’s lives are forever connected.

And we get to watch them live it. Welcome to the world, sweet June Bug. You have our Evelyn looking out for you now.