The Bloggess follows me on Twitter.

Me: Oh my God. I think my heart just stopped.

Scott: What?

Me: The Bloggess just followed me on Twitter.

Scott: …….

Me: Come on.

Scott: Who?

Me: Oh. My. God. The blogger of all bloggers! The Bloggess! Jenny Lawson!

Scott: Oh. You’re social media’ing right now.

Me: Oh. You’re social media’ing right now. No, you DON’T UNDERSTAND. She’s famous, Scott. She’s written books. She’ll post something about…I don’t know…about brushing her daughter’s hair and she’ll make it funny just by the way she writes it because she’s a genius. The subject doesn’t even matter. My favorite thing about her – she’s humble. She blows off that she’s so famous. She doesn’t even believe it. She has, like, one real ad on her blog. If I were her, I would walk into a store and be like, “do you know who I am. THE BLOGGESS. BOOM.” And people would bow down. But not Jenny. She loves to dress up taxidermy, Scott. And she lives with anxiety. And she fights with her husband. But they funny-fight, like we do. And she’s self conscious. And she’s much better at writing about her life than talking in person. Probably. I’m guessing. She’s ME, Scott. But better. And you’re Victor. I don’t know who’s better.

Scott: Never heard of them.

Me: Can I just stop and take a moment here….  …AND NOW THE BLOGGESS FOLLOWS ME ON TWITTER. She clicked my profile and then she clicked “follow.” This is crazy. Amazing. Crap, do you think she thinks I’m weird for hating bacon?

Scott: Sure.

Me: Sure?! How do you just shrug your shoulders? I think she might top Eric Stonestreet following me. I need to tell someone. Someone that will scream with me.



Girlfriends 1. Husband 0.

Have you ever gotten giddy around a celebrity or someone you admire? Did you laugh at “knock knock, motherfucker?” You laughed if you know who The Bloggess is. Does anyone else understand my level of excitement right now?

The Bloggess.

Knock Knock, Motherfucker.

The Bloggess on Twitter.


  • donofalltrades

    It’s not politically correct to say “retarded” otherwise I’d call you retarded right here, but not in a hateful way. Geez, now I’m going to feel guilty about this all day…still, it stays! LOL.

    Lou Brock followed me on Twitter and it was the bee’s knees, so I get it, JB. I get it. Also, if you say you don’t know who that is, we can’t be friends anymore. Wait, you might be okay with that. If you say you don’t know who that is, I’ll drive to Kansas and set up camp on your front yard! Possibly with Gman, at least for as long as I can take him.

  • kellisamson

    Ooooh, I’ve done that crazy-happy dance! When I got my picture taken with my favorite blogger (food blogger Molly Wizenberg of Orangette) last spring and then SHE COMMENTED ON IT ON INSTAGRAM, I freaked. Congrats!!

    • Julie Burton

      I hope you found someone that understands your excitement!! I need my picture taken with Jenny. My life would be complete.
      I don’t read many food bloggers, just whoever I find on Pinterest. I’ll check her out. 😉

      • kellisamson

        It gets worse: when I met her, I GAVE HER A LETTER! Like, a thank you card telling her what her food memoirs mean to me. I hope she found it sweet and not creepy. My husband laughed his ass off.

        • Julie Burton

          Ha! Tell your husband to knock it off. I’m sure she thought it was sweet. But it sounds like something I’d do. I would write Jenny a tell-all of my life or something. Haha