Hunting,  Womanhood

Emma’s upgrade.

Me: EMMA! Stop! Give me the razor. Never shave side-to-side! You’ll cut yourself. Here, watch again. Start at ankle and go up. Don’t press too hard.

Emma: Oh. Ok. Ok. Got it.

Emma shaves her legs now.

She asked me a few weeks ago if I could teach her how to shave her legs. She said her leg hair bothers her when she wears pants.

I gave the go-ahead.

Scott got voted off womanhood island. “No, absolutely not. She’s too young,” can paddle itself back to the roars in the man jungle.

I told Emma she must keep it a secret from her 6-year-old going on 17-year-old younger sister. I assumed she wouldn’t say anything to Scott because what girl tells her dad about such things like shaving her legs, bras, and periods?


Emma: Daddy! LOOK!

My head jerked up from my phone. I spun around on the couch then scrabbled to get the camera turned on. What the.

Scott: WHAT THE.

Emma: What? Mommy said it was ok! Feel them!

Scott: Did you shave your legs?

I made eye contact with Scott. I shook my head no. I mouthed “don’t yell.”

Scott: Well, your mommy is grounded.

Her openness shocked me. And then again, it didn’t.

Scott and Emma hunt together. Emma, with her silky smooth legs, shot a 9-point buck last night.


Some may see a man and his child holding up a dead animal and think it’s cruel. They may feel sorry for the deer because it had no chance against man – or woman – and their weapons.

It’s not that.

This is Emma’s second time shooting a buck. I would call last night’s buck an upgrade from two years ago.


Emma has shot two deer in her life.

But the two pictures don’t show the countless hours sitting in a hunting blind with her dad. Or the summers she’s spent riding in a 4-wheeler, checking trail cameras. She’s tagged alongside Scott since she was five. She loves mud. She doesn’t like ticks but she’ll pick them off on her own without screaming. She got sprayed by a skunk a month ago. She went to school laughing about her scent because she got sprayed by a skunk. 

Nature doesn’t scare her.

I don’t know what Emma and Scott talk about for hours in the hunting blind but she always comes home happy. I watch Scott’s interviews with her on camera. Sometimes she’s doing homework. Sometimes she sits and watches a spider make a web in the blind window. The temperatures can be anywhere from sweltering to bone-chilling.

And much like her father, she never complains.


Scott cannot be more proud of Emma – even if womanhood island is slowly making its way to the roars of the man jungle. She shot a buck most outdoorsmen never get a chance at.

I am proud of her too. She’s happy. Daddy’s girl is turning into one hell of a girlfriend one day. She’s comfortable enough to ask us anything.

I don’t know if a deer had anything to do with that but it sure feels like it did.


  • donofalltrades

    Awe, what a nice post. She’s adorable. How old is she now? Ace asked her mom to show her how to shave her legs a few weeks ago too!! I think it’s cool that she asked to be shown how to do it correctly instead of just going off and doing it on her own. Hopefully, she’ll be comfortable coming to us with other, more important things too. That’s the point of not yelling, right? Because I wanted to yell like Scott, believe me!!! LOL. We’re not quite ready to let go of our little girls. Sue us!

    • Julie Burton

      Emma is 9. I think the fact that she was mature enough to ask me tells me she’s ready to shave her legs. I debated whether to even tell Scott but I did. And I’m so glad I snapped this picture of her telling him. I think it’s adorable. 🙂