I took the Christmas tree down on Christmas.

Last night –

Scott: You are the only one on earth taking down a Christmas tree on Christmas.

Me: Doubt it. Hold on a second.

Google search: current time in Australia

Me: Me and the people in Australia where it is 3:11 pm, tomorrow.

Scott: You’re insane.

Me:  And the Type A people. Wait.

Google search: type A personality

Scott: You’re not Type A. Get off your phone.

Me: Look at you on the couch with your phone! You’re not even helping me!

Scott: I’m not helping taking down a Christmas tree on Christmas.

Me: The holidays are over.

Scott: It’s still Christmas.

Me: I’ll be overwhelmed tomorrow seeing all this Christmas stuff up.

Scott: Leave it until New Years.

Me: No, that’s way too long. Your dog keeps drinking the tree water. This tree is dead.

Scott: It was dead when we bought it. I’m going to bed.

Me: Fine. I’m done anyway. This tree is ready to feed the fish.

Scott: The fish don’t eat it. It’s a hiding place.

Google search: why do you throw a christmas tree in a pond.

Me: Damnit. Whatever.

Scott: Get off your phone.

In bed –

Me: You know, I can think of several people we know that will have Christmas decorations put away by tomorrow.

Scott: Goodnight.

Google search: when to take down a Christmas tree. 

 Me: What the hell is this. Sometime in between January 1st and January 15th. Some celebrate the 12 days of Christmas. Who celebrates the 12 days of Christmas? Never heard of it.

Scott: Told you.

Me: The 12 days of Christmas are just an excuse to be lazy. Ah! FOUND IT. Before December 31st – take your tree down before the bells toll at midnight. Otherwise, it’s said you’ll be dragging all your baggage and bad luck from last year into the new year. BOOM. There we go. My people. Checking off my list of crap to do.

Is your tree down? Will it be down before December 31st? Or will you wait until January? You don’t want to be carrying that bad baggage over, do you? Are you on your phone a lot because you’re winning arguments with your spouse by google?