Something terrifying.

No previous surgeries. No medications. No medical conditions. No known drug allergies. No known allergies.

No known allergies. NKA in shorthand speak. NKA will never be written on Kate’s charts again.

I am a humor writer but this is not a funny post. It’s a terrifying one.

“Your daughter’s next exposure to shellfish could be fatal.”

Your daughter. Fatal. The words slapped me in the face. Kate is at school now. She’s walking on a tightrope with no net under her. Or maybe she’s an acrobat on a swing with no net.

Kate is one bite away from anaphylaxis. Kate could fall.

It took one weekend to become that mom. It took two rolls of sushi on two different days. California rolls to be exact, with crab. I became the mom that reads food labels and questions waiters. I became the mom living with a desperate fear in the back of my mind and I’m not sure if it will ever go away. I am the mom that will be hovering within a few miles from the school. I will be the mom with a very expensive EpiPen in my purse. I will be the mom whose heart stops every time the school calls.

Shellfish is one of the easier foods to avoid. It’s rarely hidden. In fact, Emma and Kate have lived their entire lives without crab or shrimp or lobster – until this weekend. It may be one of the easier foods to avoid but now it’s deadly.

The hives appeared first. We didn’t know what caused them. It could have been anything, really. Maybe her sheets haven’t been washed for awhile or maybe there was something outside that bothered her skin. It could have been a virus. The hives faded.

Kate ate a sushi roll with crab for the second time in a week. Kate loves sushi and she found a new love with crab sushi. Within the hour, Kate’s hives came back and they worsened. Her face swelled. Her hands and feet swelled. She said her throat hurt. Her breathing was ok. We kept Benadryl in her every four hours. At 2 am, with Kate scratching her body in her sleep beside me, it clicked. The crab.

Parties, restaurants, dinners, every meal Kate ate in her seven years flashed through my mind. I couldn’t think of a time she ate shellfish. She’s never eaten lobster. “Gross, it looks like a big bug!” She’s never eaten shrimp. “Ew! I’m not eating that! There’s poop in that!” She’s never eaten crab.

The crab. She shouldn’t have eaten the crab. She should have said “no, I’m not eating that!” She should have rescued the crab like Ariel, the Little Mermaid.

The next morning, there was swelling but she looked better. Her hives started to fade then come back then fade again. Eventually the swelling disappeared. She appeared normal when she walked in the school this morning. She was happy.

I emailed the school nurse and Kate’s teacher. I called Kate’s pediatrician. I explained what happened. Even though we controlled her hives and swelling with medicine and she “got over it,” my mom instinct nagged me. Scott still wondered if it was a virus.

It wasn’t a virus. No. I made that baby in my body and I can feel it kicking. It’s kicking hard and I can’t ignore it. Something is wrong with her. She’s not ok.

Every medical professional I spoke to told me the same thing – 

“Your daughter’s next exposure to shellfish could be fatal.”


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