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You can’t always get what you want.

My child. My sweet baby, my pumpkin pie – we need to have a chat.

Sometimes in life, you can’t always get what you want.

“But if you try sometimes you just might find…you’ll get what you need. Awww yeah.”

By The Rolling Stones. Remember that.

Sorry, I got off topic with music lyrics.

I heard you took a class vote yesterday. And you weren’t too happy with how the class voted. I understand. I don’t like it when that happens either.

But that’s no reason for you to throw a tantrum. That is no reason to scream at your fellow classmates for being wrong. There’s no wrong or right answer on the class vote. Everyone had the freedom to vote for whoever they wanted. And you know what? No one knows what they’re doing. No one. It’s life.

I heard you told the class that the class is going to blow up, you hate your class, and you also told people you wouldn’t be their friend anymore. How do you think that makes your old friends feel? They made their best guess and you screamed at them. What do you think will happen if you fall on the playground and you’re really hurt? Let’s say the whole class went inside and the last person in line was your old friend and he saw what happened? Do you think he’ll help you even though you said you weren’t his friend anymore? I’m going to guess he will help you because it’s a human instinct. Or maybe he won’t. Kids can be mean. You are my child and I will not tolerate you being mean. Do you understand?

Look at me. Do you understand?

Do you want your classmates to be the same people? Ones that look the same and think the same? Yes. Exactly, like a robot. That’s pretty boring huh? It’s better when we can learn new things from others. Maybe trying another family’s dinner or teaching someone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas about your Christmas tree you decorate. That’s called diversity. We all think different and we all grow up different and some grow up in mansions and some in apartments. Do you think all these people will vote the same way? Probably not, huh? And you know what? That’s ok. You’re still going to be a kind person. Right?

I know you’re very upset for your class voting the way they did. But, baby, you can’t save the world. It’s not a perfect world out there. I know you have only the best interests at heart. And I know you want certain things to be a certain way. A perfect world sounds nice. I would love to live in your perfect world. I get that you want to kick and scream. And it’s ok to have those feelings. But you can’t kick and scream at the class.

The class vote didn’t change anything about the classroom today, did it? No. The classroom is the same. I know, it might change in the future. Maybe you’ll hate it. Or you might be surprised and like it? We are one class. People have even died for this classroom. Why did they die? Well, because they wanted to protect their classmates, even the ones that didn’t vote like they did. The classroom is a team. We’re not always right and we don’t always agree but we’re still a team. A family! Yes, we’re one giant family.

A family that loves one another.

You can’t always get what you want … finish it. Come on … “but if you try sometimes you just might find…you’ll get what you need. Awww yeah.”

And who sings that? The Rolling Stones. Good job, kid.

Yeah, I know The Rolling Stones are not American. Just go with it. 


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