The Bachelor.

As a blogger, I can see a lot of things.

I can see how many people read my blog. I can see how you found my blog, such as Facebook or Twitter. I can see how many read my “About” page (that tells me you’re probably a new reader). I can see which pictures get downloaded. I can see which country you live in – United States, Canada, United Kingdom are my top 3. I can see how many times you watch a video. I can even see what google term you used to find my blog.

The only thing I can’t see is you.

Are you male or female? Are you 90 years old or are you 18 years old? Are you single, divorced, widowed or married? Do you have kids or no kids? Do you live next door to me or do you live in New York City?

I don’t know.

All it took was one or two ladies out there to suggest a topic for me to write on this 30-day writing challenge. And single ladies, do I have a treat for you! (I’m clapping)

Hit it, Beyonce.

His name is Brett Cannon. He’s single.


Brett is 32 years old. He lives in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. He was born in Texas. He still carries a Texas accent. I know this for a fact because Scott starts talkin’ like he was born n’ raised in Texs when he starts talkin’ to Brett on the phone. Scott adapts to how his friends speak. It’s just one of his mannerisms I picked up on when I eavesdrop on Scott’s phone calls.

I’ve known Brett for, oh, 13 years. Brett has known Scott for 27 years. Scott and Brett grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. They met at church. Ladies, I am going to read some scripture from the Bible. Turn to Genesis 1:27. Ah hem. Sorry, I have a little tickle in my throat.

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God He created him.”


Ladies, can I get an Amen? Amen!

I know what you’re thinking, “Julie, he’s from South Florida. He’s probably stuck-up and goes through 20 girls a week.”

No. Not true. He does not go through 20 girls a week. When he dates someone, it’s for a long time. And he is not stuck-up. He’s one of the sweetest guys I know. His personality is a lot like Scott’s personality, really.

Which brings me to the topic of fishing and hunting. This is Brett’s job. He fishes and hunts for sponsors like Garmin, Oakley, Salt Armour, and Interstate Batteries. He doesn’t always stay in Florida. Brett travels around the world. Brett gator hunts, hog hunts, elk hunts, whitetail deer hunts, mule deer hunts. You name it, Brett hunts it.


If you’re a vegetarian or a PETA member – just leave right now. I’m not being mean, no judgement from me. I’m just being honest. You’re not a match.

You need to like the outdoors. Scott and Brett do this thing where they start twitching if they’re indoors too long. Bonus points if you’ve killed a deer or caught a marlin or even a largemouth bass.

He would like a woman that can cook. Brett can cook. I make him cook me dinner when he visits because I’m a terrible cook. He’s pretty good but he would like to share the kitchen with someone, especially someone that dances in the kitchen too.

Brett is also looking for a woman that is smart, independent, and has a career. She needs to have great communication. Humor is a requirement because eventually you’re going to be hanging out with Scott and me. We like funny girlfriends.

Let’s see, he gave me more adjectives: trustworthy, fun, spontaneous, beautiful and drama-free.

And there you go. Brett Cannon.



Choose your stalking method, ladies:



His phone number (954) …..“JULIE!” 

I’m kidding, Brett! A little drama is ok. 


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