To Kate.

To Kate,

You were born on May 7, 2009. Your dad remembers your birthday as 5-7-9. This day is one of only six dates in this century that has three consecutive odd numbers.

A rare and odd birthday. It’s fitting. You were rare and odd when I first met you. You were born with sparkles in your hair. Yes, I did have drugs when I gave birth to you but hear me out – when the sun hits your hair just right, a single strand has a million colors.

Against all Mexican genetic domination odds, you have your daddy’s blonde hair.


It’s darkened as you’ve gotten older. Most people probably wouldn’t call you a blonde anymore. But I still see the sparkles.

On the eve of this Thanksgiving – I am thankful for you, Kate. You were handed to me by a nurse on May 7, 2009. I couldn’t believe the baby with the sparkles in her hair was mine. I am thankful I am your mom.

And damn you grew up to be funny.

My favorite Thanksgiving tradition is after Thanksgiving we celebrate my mom’s birthday. We basically have to get her a little more because Christmas is coming up. My mom is jealous of me, Emma and my dad because we all have summer birthdays.

You’re right. I am jealous of May 7. I love you, Kate Audrey.





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