What if.

Scott is out of town and he took my computer. He left me with his computer to use tonight. I swear on my life there’s a dead tick under the “j” key.




Wow. November 28th. It’s my 28th day writing in a row. Am I spiraling downhill yet?

Story time!

Do you ever think about how the smallest decisions can turn your life down a whole new path? Maybe you forgot your wallet at home while going to work. You turn around, only you turned away from an accident that would have left you with life-threatening injuries. Or maybe you agreed to make sweet, sweet love to your husband and for the next two years you don’t get one full night’s sleep because there’s a tiny human hanging on your teet, calling you mama.

I’m not complaining, I’m just making a point.

Small decisions can turn into huge decisions. The built-in huge decisions are definite road-turners. What will your major be in college? Are you ready to sign on the dotted line for your new house? Do you take this woman to be your wife? Or are you sure you want to make sweet, sweet love tonight because you know what happened last time.


Thank you, Forrest Gump. This is the point I’m trying to make.

I can’t seem to put the words together because it’s day 28 of the November writing challenge.

It was all Scott. He’s the one that got me thinking.

Scott: Do you know how much money I’d have if I never got married or had kids?

Me: Well, I know you wouldn’t be living in this 4 bedroom house.

Scott: I’d be on a farm.

Me: That sounds lonely. I guess anywhere would be lonely if you didn’t have a family? Maybe? Would you be a farmer?

Scott: No. Maybe. I don’t know.

Me: I don’t see you by yourself on a farm.

Scott: I’d probably be roommates with Brett and Kitt down in Florida.

Me: Hm, your wives.

Scott: Bachelor pad.

Me: Wait a minute! You would be living in South Florida with Brett and Kitt? And you won’t move your real family to Florida?? Come on! I thought you hated living in Florida!

Scott: Florida is good for bachelors.

Me: That’s bullshit. I wonder where I would be?

Scott: Your ass definitely wouldn’t be living here.

Me: No, probably not. If we never met, and I never got married and never had kids all these years…hmmm…

Scott: Not in Kansas.

Me: Yeah, I’d hightail it out of here. I’d be in a tiny apartment in New York City. YES! Maybe Chicago. I’d be in a big city. Well, maybe. It’s hard finding friends in a new city. I think it would be harder if I didn’t have kids and other moms to meet. I don’t know. I’m not good at making friends.

Scott: You would make friends.

Me: Maybe I’d move, like, way far away. Like England. Can I just get up and leave the United States and move to England? Would that make me unAmerican? I bet it’s easier to make friends there. I’d have an American accent and that’s always a good conversation starter.

Scott: England.

Me: Too cold? Wait, I guess so is New York and Chicago. You’re lucky you can live in Florida and have built-in friends there. I don’t have a city where I have built-in friends. Where do you think single-me would go? Which city?

Scott: Florida.

Me: Ohmygosh! I’d meet you at a bar! Awww! We would have K-State in common. And I’d tell my new friends that you look like Prince Harry. And that’d be your nickname – Prince Harry. 35-year-old us would get married! And you could take me fishing! And we’d have two daughters, named Emma and Kate. Maybe. My eggs went bad yesterday.

Scott: What?

Me: Advanced maternal age. 35. You know, I get the check mark if I ever get pregnant. It’s just harder to get pregnant. Starting yesterday. OH GOD. We’d have twin girls. Emma and Kate twins.

Scott: Huh?

Me: Eggs start dying off and they start shooting doubles and triples. But I’d get my wish of living in Florida with you and the girls. That’d be nice. The kids would be tan. And they’d cuss at us in Spanish.

Scott: Nope. Moving back to Kansas.

What if Scott and I never met? That means Emma and Kate wouldn’t exist. That means I would have never started a blog with a mommy group in 2009. That means I wouldn’t be sitting in front of this computer, trying to avoid hitting the “j” key. 

Gross. It crunched.


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